These are the guidelines for creating your post-apocalyptic survival group. Before creating your group please read the rules.


  • Step 1: Choose what kind of group you want yours to be. It may be the following:
    • Raider
    • Cannibal
    • Mercenary
    • Merchant
    • Nomadic

Alternatively, you can create a unique group of survivors, which do not fit in any these categories, and give you more freedom.

  • Step 2: Make a page for your group, give information on your group's survivors, their set of rules, where they're located, their interactions with other groups, and anything else you want to include.
  • Step 3: It should have a infobox that states where it's located, who founded it, it's territory, it's membership, it's allies, and it's enemies.
  • Step 4: Optionally, you can add more then just a background and infobox, anything else you'd like. What weapons they use, it's operations, what they wear, it's leadership, etc.
  • Step 5: Make pages for your group's leader, and other survivors in it. Include their background, former occupation, age, and their skill and SPECIAL rating.
  • Step 6: After that, have fun! Expand your group further into the post-apocalyptic world and interact with the other survivors out there!