You are what you dare.
— Slava's personal motto.
Slava Volkov





Former Hitman, Current Bratva Leader





Slava is the Leader of The Bratva, a splinter group of the Zolnerowich Bratva, a powerful Russian Mafia prior to the Apocalypse.


Slava served with distinction in the Russian Spestnaz and later as a hit man in the Zolnerowich Bratva, and was famous for his skill in the silent kill.

He never associated much with people, living largely off the grid.


When everything went to hell, Slava had just returned from mission to kill a arrival gang leader. This offered him the chance to run with the men he had and take one the organizations Soviet ships, which was supposed to be sold to a Third Word Dictator. Taking the ship to warmer climates to try and ride out the disaster, they found them selves in California, in Long Beach Port. Having escaped with a good deal of military hardware in addition to the ship, they group set up Slava as it's leader. While not known for social skills, Slava survival skills proved invaluable to the group's ability to function in the post Apocalyptic world.


Highly introverted, Slava is not a highly charismatic leader. Instead he relies on the prior bonds with his men and their respect for his effectiveness to be able to hold the group together.

Highly notable about Slava is his level of compassion he holds for individuals. Despite his life as a professional killer, he never killed an innocent civilian and always needed a good reason to kill his target. He hates random violence, and only reacts with violence when appropriate. This level of compassion also helps keep his group together, they don't fear random violent attacks from their leader, and know that Slava's personal code keeps others in the group from it as well,


  • Strength - 10
  • Perception - 5
  • Endurance - 7
  • Charisma - 3
  • Intelligence - 7
  • Agility - 4
  • Luck - 4