The Bratva
Cross hair
Founded by

Slava Volkov

Based in

Long Beach Port


Long Beach Port


~60 members





"The Bratva" is comprised of 60 members of the Crime syndicate the Zolnerowich Bratva, who have taken the Port of Long Beach as their base of operations, specifically the western most section of the port.



The Zolnerowich Bratva prior to the apocalypse was a powerful Crime Syndicate, the dealt heavily in weapons dealing and military hardware sales. A large number of the gang's members were former military, and the leader of this incarnation


After the Apocalypse, the organization was thrown into disorder, with some members being killed and other's bailing on the organization. It was at this time several member's took one of the Bratva's military ships, loaded it with weapons and supplies and made for warmer climates to try and ride out the disaster. Part of the this group was Slava Volkov, and high ranking hit-man for the Bratva as well as a skilled survivalist, who organized the what survivors were in the group and took command of the group. Not knowing the fate of their leader Nikolai Zolnerowich, the group started calling themselve simply the "Bratva", and adopted the A Cross-hair for their symbol, replacing the hammer normally used by the Zolnerowich Bratva.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Slava Volkov


  • 2 and half years worth of food
  • Large number of fire arms and military hardware including vehicles
  • One Soviet Military grade Warship ship (considered their most valuable resource.)

Killed VictimsEdit

  • Large number of Zombies and unnamed survivors.