The Scavengers
Founded by

Daniel Flagg


Los Angeles, and the highway leading out of it


70 members





People want to feel safe. And in a world like this, even a group of psychos wielding guns is safer than a horde of ravenous zombies.
— Daniel Flagg

The Scavengers are a group of bandits who control several blocks of the Los Angeles. Led by the charismatic, if mysterious, Daniel Flagg, they lure many people in with promises of safety, but for every person that gets let in without trouble, there's a few more who are tricked and killed, then used as food.



The scavengers were largely ordinary people before the apocalypse, be they regular office workers, struggling "actors" and "actresses", police officers, or even gangsters.


After the zombies arrived, these people showed their true colors as violent, merciless people who were willing to kill to survive. Brought together by Daniel Flagg after he led a group of Scavengers that slaughtered military forces called into to contain the infection, he used the military weaponry to eliminate those who opposed him, from remaining military to other groups of bandits to innocent people trying to carve out an existence and brought survivors under heel. When it became clear their food supplies wouldn't hold out for a group of 70, Daniel and the other Scavengers began eating human flesh as a form of backup food.


  • Five armored jeeps.
  • Numerous firearms, from handguns to assault rifles to sniper rifles.
  • 6 months worth of food, 2 years worth of water.

Killed victimsEdit

  • Military troops.
  • Numerous infected.
  • Unnamed survivors.